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WBA/IBF super middleweight title match Live Streaming between Mikkel Kessler vs Carl Froch live on your PC on Sat 10th November, 2013.grab this exciting match live on 

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The IBF and WBA are both recongnizing thi fight as a super middleweight title unification bout,but everybody who follows the sport knows Andre Ward is the true world champ 
at 168.Ward holds decisive victories over both Kessler and Froch.

But  regardless of whether or not this is a legiimate title fight,it is still a major event for the sport.These are two exciting veteran fighters who engaged in a extremely action 
packed and competitive fight three years ago.

This is a long-anticipated rematch,and the fact that it's happenin in England this time is a serious moivating factor for both men.On the media call,Forch discussed how much
 he loves fight in front if an England crowd:"You're rewarded for every good thing you do ... it is an advantage and i'm goin to relish it."

For his own part,Kessler started,"I promised Carl that if the fight should ever happen again I'm going to be his home truf.and I'm a man of my word.

Carl Froch 

Forch is an extremly durable and well-conditioned fighter.He sets a hard,physical pace and sticks to it.He has fou tght so long and so successfully,at tthe world class level that 

has a very easy time remaining calm and confident before and during a fight.

Forch fight well moving backward.He throws dangerous punchs off his back foot,
which allows him to score sudden,jolting shorts on come-forward fighters. like Kessler

Mikkel Kessler

Kessler is a picture book prize fighter.He moves efficiently forward,cutting off the ring
behind a stiff jab and a very proper high guard,looking for the opportunity to let the big
right hand go.He is a physically powerful fighter and can often muscle and opponent
in a positon when necessary.

Kessler is a thinking figher and is very good at setting oppenents up for multiple-punch combinations.